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Haiku Games' Adventure Escape Series

Role: Game Designer at Haiku Games (puzzle design, narrative design)

Games: Haunted Hunt, Adventure Escape Mysteries: Cursed Crown, AEM: Trapmaker 2, AEM: Pirate's Treasure, and AEM: The Covenant.

Play Haunted Hunt: iOS or Android

Play Adventure Escape Mysteries: iOS or Android

For each of these 2D adventure games I wrote the overall story, designed the puzzles and gameplay, designed new mechanic systems (shapeshift, magic, and character sacrifice choices), and wrote art and dev specs.

Cursed Crown

In Cursed Crown, Princess Nimue lives in a fantasy world. She learns that a poisonous miasma is about to overtake her kingdom. Meet a living tree, discover how to cast magical spells, and decide the fate of your kingdom. Can Nimue make the hard choices needed to save her people?

New Magic System: The player can cast spells on objects in the world to progress and learn lore. There are 6 spells that the player collects by solved spell book puzzles throughout their journey: Remove Rust, Grow Plants, Speak with Animals, Freeze Water, X-ray Vision, and Sleep. Each was designed to make the player feel powerful and clever while minimizing development resources.


Flower is larger

Casting the Grow Spell

New Choices System: In chapters without spell books, the player must make difficult choices that have immediate and long term consequences. Choices leverage the player's connection with game characters, their sense or morality, and a chance to visually change the player character. These choices branch into 8 unique endings.

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