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South Park Snow Day

Role: Senior Game Designer

Game: South Park Snow Day (1-4 player co-op action brawler with rogue-like elements)

Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch

I was the level designer for the tutorial level at South Park Elementary, the matchmaking hub, Starks Pond, the backyards and the church, as well as various boss fight maps and randomized ambushes. I greyboxed these spaces and built the combat scenarios, including the blueprints used to drive macro combat state. I developed these tools for other level designers to use in their scenarios.


I was also the mission scripter for all levels, updating goal instructions and navigation icons for host and client players. I made the mission managers that roll randomized levels, Henrietta locations, and loot containers for each mission.


I implemented much of the non-combat scripted VO, as well as the hub tutorials.

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