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Game Dezine

I led a team of 6 student game designers to create a playable zine. 

  • Part of Carnegie Mellon University's Game Creation Society Spring 2016 Release Showcase. An edition of 100 was freely distributed to the public.

  • 9 games over 36 pages. A design document was created for each game with a user experience illustration. 12 games were made, tested, and iterated over to create the final 9 game book. 

  • I contributed 2 games to the final zine, including the table of contents and Breath-of-War, and collaborated on TUNO, Post Card Games, and Exquisite Planets.

  • Held mini game jam that generated 5 paper prototypes.

  • Team and I designed all games and manufactured all zines by hand.

  • Zine made of cardstock, paper, transparencies, screen print, digital print, and vinegar.

  • Download, print, and play

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