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Sun Serpent

Play here on here

Role: Solo dev (designer, programmer, artist)

Tech: Unreal Engine 4, Blueprints, Maya, Substance Designer, Substance Painter

Process: Devlog here

Genre: Single-player, 3D Exploration Archery Puzzle Game

​Sun Serpent is a short exploration and archery puzzle game about uncovering what happened to the vanished cult of the sun serpent. Use your arrows to open passages, transfer fire, and uncover notes left by the castle staff.

Sun Serpent’s core experience goal was "creeping discovery." I also wanted to link story and gameplay with pacing. The level is set up as a mystery (what happened to all the people here worshiping the sun serpent) that the player solves by using fire to unlock gates. Moving the fire to the gates illuminates environmental story scenes which the player must use as vantage points to angle their shots. In this way the player must use the story to solve their way out of the castle.

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