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To the After Party

Drunkenly corral your wasted friends home from a total rager! Two players avoid enticing shiny things and imminent arrests by grabbing and flinging their buddies from harm. Make sure to stop and refuel everyone at the city's best late night trash food spots. But don't linger too long—staying up past your bedtime throws up all sorts of problems the next morning.

  • Submission to Pittsburgh's Global Game Jam 2015

  • Unity3D

  • I designed and animated 13 characters, from the players and party members to the distractions and obstacles. I also pipelined the animation and got it up and running in the game.

  • Collaboration Marlena Abraham and Mackenzie Bates

Animation and Character Design

I designed and animated 13 characters for the game. Each walk required a different wobbly movement; the player characters' motions had to enhance the pulling/tether mechanic and cause a sense of awkward tension. The party members to coral around town had to behave drunkenly, and the distractions had to distract the players and much as the party members. I also designed the color system to differentiate players (orange) , friends (purple) , and foes (red).

Production and Assets

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